Terms and Conditions

A big thank you for exploring Farmsleaf. The purchases made by you will definitely be rejoiced by the farmers directly as more than a business opportunity, it is an initiative which we are a part of and with your purchase you have become a part of it as well. We support farmers at grass-root level through our initiative while promoting smart and organic farming which will benefit both farmers & you in the long run.

It is recommended strongly to the customers (you) to read through the “Terms and conditions” very carefully and thereby agree and acknowledge the agreement between you and Farmsleaf. In case you do not agree the terms and conditions of Farmsleaf, we would request you not to access or use Farmsleaf portals for any purpose, whatsoever.

In case of any clarifications with respect to terms and conditions, please reach out to us at hello@farmsleaf.com.

Farmsleaf deserves right to modify or change any of its terms and conditions at any-time with or with-out any prior notice to the customers or stakeholders.

Please note that Farmsleaf is bridging the gap between the farmer & customer and thus the portal should be used by the end-user for domestic self-consumption. Retailers, wholesalers, third party sellers, institutions or any other business users are not eligible to use company’s portal(s) for selling purposes without prior knowledge and approval of the company.

Farmsleaf grants you the access to its portal for your personal use however downloading it, modifying it, copying the information or content, data gathering and data mining without prior written consent of Farmsleaf is not acceptable and this disregards the agreement between Farmsleaf and you.

Images, page, layout, text, tags, logo, trademark, tag-lines and other proprietary information cannot be used by any user, entity or third party without a written consent from Farmsleaf.

Hereby, I agree to use the services provided by Farmsleaf and its affiliates for lawful purpose and comply with the applicable and necessary rules, laws, terms and regulations while accessing/ using and transacting on Farmsleaf portal(s)

Registration and account requirements:

  1. It is necessary for all the users to register and log-in for placing orders on Farmsleaf portal(s). It is understood that all the registration, account and other details provided by you holds true to your knowledge and you will be held responsible for any wrong information provided.

  2. By agreeing to the terms & conditions, the user agrees to receive regular communication regarding promotions and newsletter from the company. The user will have an option to opt out from all such promotional communications of the company, based on their discretion.

  3. The company will have the right to collect the information of the user though the registration process on the portal(s) used by the company. The information may include but is limited to not only name, address, e-mail, age, gender, education, contact details and other such details.

  4. Information collected from the user is subject to privacy policy of the company.


  1. We maintain freshest of the quality and we don’t believe in stocking up our produce to maintain the level of authenticity and freshness in respect to quality of items we offer.

  2. While we do maintain high standards of quality it doesn’t necessarily means that the product will always be very appealing to eyes as our products are not laced with additives, chemicals artificial enhancers or pesticides. They might not always have the perfect colour or size but they are grown naturally and will look like what they should (minus the chemicals). Thus, you should look for the benefits it has because of its organic natural growth other than the outer appeal, which in fact can be enhanced artificially.

Pricing Policy:

  1. The company is subject to make the necessary changes in the process of the products due to external and internal factors involved in deciding on the pricing.

  2. Farmsleaf do not indulge in false practices and also aims to ensure that the products offered represents true and correct pricing.

  3. At times the prices of certain products may be erroneous or may not be updated due to typographical or technical issues and at times due to incorrect product information. In cases like these, nevertheless anything to the conflicting, the Company reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the order without any further accountability to the customer.

  4. The above may also be applicable in cases where the product ordered might not be available due to some unforeseen circumstances and the company will not be liable on this account to the customer and may cancel the order prior notification. However, the customer will be updated with the status through a message, call, mail or otherwise.

  5. In case if the company suspects any fraudulent transaction or activities by any user or any transaction done by the user/ customer which defies the terms and conditions mentioned, the company at its sole discretion can cancel such transactions and orders. The company also maintains a list of negative fraudulent transactions and such customers linked with them and they would be denied access to the companies’ portal(s) and can cancel all orders made by them at company’s sole discretion.

  6. In case of any changes in the slot of the delivery time, you need to inform the company either by dropping a mail at hello@farmsleaf.com or calling on our customer care number 8130109089

Promo codes, vouchers and coupons policy:

  1. The company is entitled to give its customers and users - coupons, vouchers or promotional codes which are entitled to certain discounts or cash-back for the purchases made on Farmsleaf portal(s) based on the company’s discretion.

  2. The customer will be entitled to use one coupon at any given point of time, the amount mentioned in the coupon/ voucher/ promo code would hold the maximum value of discount or cash-back for any order which the customer is entitled to.

  3. Users can not club two or more coupons or promo codes for a single transaction or order.

  4. Expiry date mentioned for the coupon, voucher or promo code would be inclusive of the date is issuance and till 12 midnight of the last date mentioned in the coupon.

  5. The cashback will be entitled to a minimum purchase of the amount mentioned in the terms and use of the coupon or voucher.

  6. Cashbacks and discounts will not be applicable for cancelled orders and the company would have the authority to receive back the cashback offered.

  7. Farmsleaf cash-back can only be used to order products on our company’s website and can’t be transferred to any bank account.

  8. The voucher, coupon or the promo code can’t be transferred to any other user apart from the one issued by the company.


  1. Please go through the policies of our partnered payment vendors on their respective websites. Farmsleaf will not be held responsible for any issue between the payment vendor or the user (even through the use Farmsleaf platform for payments)

  2. Wallet facility is also available to Farmsleaf customers. They can use the top-up facility available and update their wallet with any amount they prefer. Use of wallet will ease the overall purchase procedure for the customer and no additional details would be required.

    Also if the customer choose to close their account, the amount will be transferred to their bank account directly. There is no expiration date for the money present in your wallet.

Return & Refund:

  1. We will make the essential adjustments and alterations to your order at the time of delivery. You can check and exchange the products in case anything seems infested or damaged in any way.

  2. The ordered delivered will not be returned due to change of mind or any other reason apart from quality of the product delivered.

  3. We would request you to please send your complaint on time as the products we deal in are perishable in nature and deteriorate depending on the product life cycle and also they have a less shelf life. We will not be able to replace or exchange any items after a period of 1 day which have not been informed/ complained about. Complaints after 24 hours will not be entertained and only exception can be made on certain grounds depending on the case.

  4. In case wrong information with respect to address, name, misleading or incorrect information, etc. is provided, the customer will be solely responsible in case of cancellation or for any additional cost for re-delivery of the product.

  5. Before placing the order, you have reviewed all the necessary details and any change will not be acceptable by the company and the company will not be responsible and liable for any modifications made thereafter.

Please note the following:

  1. The terms customer(s), ‘you’, ‘user(s)’, mentioned refer to the individual accessing, browsing,visiting through and/or using portal(s) at any given point of time

  2. Portal(s) refer to website, application or other mediums of interaction and purchase the company offers to the user

  3. The company(ies) refers to Farmsleaf, its parent company (OFHL India Private Limited) and all their related affiliates and subsidiaries.