How do I believe whether the product is fresh?

We have a strict policy against freshness. Our partnered farmers are educated farmers and maintain the level or originality and freshness in the product. Our grading system is also such that you get the best of the products delivered to your doorstep. Once you place your order, we harvest the produces from farm for your order just the day before your order’s scheduled delivery window. By this we deliver the order in minimum time after harvesting and maintain the freshness of produces in your order.

How do I buy your vegetables?

You can order through our website (www.farmsleaf.com). You can also contact or WhatsApp us on our phone no. 8860667767 to place an order.

What is your delivery cycle?

Orders placed until 5 O'clock will be delivered in alternate days to your doorstep by early morning. Saturday and Sundays are our permanent days of delivery.
If you place an order before 5 pm, we will deliver your order by early morning of the alternate day. Order which are placed after 5 pm will also be included in the next cycle. You can also place your order 3 to 4 days in advance. Please note that our delivery cycle is alternate days where Saturday and Sundays are our permanent days with Tuesday and Thursday for delivery. We will plan to increase our delivery cycle to daily delivery in the coming months.

What is your delivery slot?

Our delivery slot would be 6AM – 10AM for all the mentioned days.

How do I trust your brand?

Our produce goes through a rigorous monitoring and grading process. We also encourage our customers to visit us in our farms to have a closer look and see how their food is grown and the process around it. We are more than happy to welcome you there and also educate you on the same.

Why are your vegetables low-priced than the other vegetables on other web portals?

The basic idea behind Farmsleaf is to provide freshest and affordable items to everyone. We have our own families of farmers and our other partnered farmers have full faith in what we plan to do. Our supply chain is also effectively planned and scheduled thus helping us to provide you the freshest produce at reasonable prices.

How do you deliver your products?

We whole heartedly believe in sustainable practices which are good for the environment and thus to lower the carbon foot-prints we have used an elementary yet very effective medium which are Jute bags. Using ecological and organic material help us to give a small yet important contribution in making earth a better place.

What are your delivery charges?

You get your order without delivery charges if the order value is more than Rs. 499. In case, if the value of the order is less than 499, we will charge a nominal fee of Rs. 50 per order.

Do you charge anything for the Jute bag you offer for delivery?

Yes, we charge a nominal one-time fee of Rs. 70 per bag during the 1st order (optional). For the next order you just need to return the previous jute-bag for no extra cost of jute bag. We will deliver your order in another jute-bag and this cycle continuous. In case, if you don’t want to return the previous jute bag, a new jute-bag cost will be included in your next order (optional). You can choose whether you want to return jute bag or not during the checkout process through website (www.farmsleaf.com).

Kindly note: If the customer is neither buying the jute-bag nor returning it, then the customer has to make their own arrangements at the time of delivery.

What is the size of your Jute Bag?

Our Jute bag can accommodate approx. 8-10 Kgs of fruits and vegetables.

Do you have COD available for the order.

Yes, we definitely have the COD option available for you. Our delivery boy will collect the billing amount at the time of delivery.

What modes can be used for payments?

You can use the following ways to make payments on Farmsleaf portal:

Where do you deliver?

As of now we only deliver in certain pockets/sectors of Gurgaon. Entire Gurgaon and other Delhi-NCR regions will be covered in the coming months.

How do I know if you deliver in my area?

Please refer to the website and check the same while searching your location in the “Find Me” or “Enter Location” options in home page (www.farmsleaf.com). You can also call us and check if we deliver to your place.

What is your definition of fresh and natural?

We believe in providing the freshest of produce by minimizing the time duration between harvest and delivery. Any product which is naturally & organically grown should be free from any preservatives and chemicals.

Don’t you have more products apart from what are listed on your website?

As of now the products listed are what we have in-stock and the product availability also depends on the season as our products are naturally and organically grown. However, you can mail us at hello@farmsleaf.com or call us at 8860667767 and we will get back to you to let you know the availability.

I have received a wrong/ damaged produce, how to change it?

We request our customers to check the product and quality of the produce as soon as you receive it. If you see any damaged/wrong product being delivered, our delivery boy will change that at the time of delivery only. This approach is suggested because the products we deal in are perishable in nature and by the time we get it back, it would not be in the best condition as we may have delivered. However, we definitely would like to hear your comments and if there is anything, we will be more than happy to resolve the issue and replace (as required).

What is your refund policy?

The products we deal in are perishable in nature and we don’t stock our products. Thus for now, we presently do not have any refund policy, however, in case of any issues, you can report our delivery boy during the time of delivery and our team will change the products there itself.

I received the produce but it was insect infested.

At Farmsleaf we believe in the produce is natural, organic and most importantly fresh. We have a strict grading system to make sure you have the best of products on your plate. While grading and sorting the produce we make sure to remove all the insect infested produce and only provide finest of the produce. However, as it is all natural and organic there are at times some infestation happens. This again will give you the idea that it is organic and natural as it is minimum in the products infused with chemicals and additives. Our suggestion would be to cut that section of the product and use the remaining. If you see that the produce is too infected and can’t be used, we would request you to send us the picture of the infected produce and order details the same day and we shall arrange the replacement for you as soon as possible (on the delivery days). We ourselves do want our customers to have the freshest of the products right from the farm onto your plate.